Our story in NZ Life and Leisure Mag

There is a bit of a thing on us in the current issue of NEW ZEALAND LIFE AND LEISURE MAGAZINE at the mo. If you're interested and can't grab a print copy they are featuring it on their website too ... They are also giving away two signed hardback Dreamboat Book sets this month! Head over to their website to enter! Entries close 31st August.


2013 Highlights

10 highlights of 2013...

#1. Holidays! To Tahiti and Queenstown/Wanaka

#2. Linden broke his leg and was in a full cast for 6 weeks. Surprisingly a rich and pleasent experience for all of us.

#3. Alfie joined our family at the beginning of the year - then we nearly lost him when he broke his pelvis and hips - But he made a full recovery, Yay. We love him to bits. And no-one else was allowed to break anything else ;)

#4. Our books are now available in Australia, Germany, Korea and we've just sent artwork off to print for French editions.

#5. Party, party - Linden's forth birthday was awesome!

#6. Mark took our books to the world with trips to Taiwan as part of the TIBE fellowship at the Taipei Bookfair, to Germany for Frankfurt Book Fair and spend some time with our German publishers. And to Japan to do a bit of an Author tour. His passport looks a bit cooler than mine.

#7. Our new book! The Boy and the Cherry Tree is the story that brought us together, and fourteen years later we are thrilled to have published it.

#8. Lots of rockin tunes can be heard coming from our studio!

#9. On Mark's trip to Japan he had an opportunity to meet a creative hero of mine , 'Katsumi Komagata' and share our work with him.

#10. We bought our first property - the worst house in our favourite Street. So in 2014 we will be buiding a brand new home for Dreamboat!

Hello 2014 - pleased to meet you!


Christmas Giveaway!

It's ‘Cherry’ Christmas giveaway time! To go in the draw to win The Dreamboat Book Collection - that's all five hardcover books including our latest title ‘The Boy and the Cherry Tree’. Simply like either Rowan's or Mark's Facebook page by midday Tuesday 24th December (double your chances and like both!).

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Winner will be announced on Christmas day - One more present could be yours! (and if you already like our pages, you're already in the draw!)

Wishing you a cherry festive season!
Mark and Rowan xx.


The Boy and the Cherry Tree

We are over the moon to announce the release of our latest book, 'The Boy and the Cherry Tree'. As you'd expect we think all our books are special but 'The Boy and the Cherry Tree' holds a deeper personal meaning for both of us. As well as being the first story idea Mark had as a grownup, it is actually the story that brought Mark and I together. Fourteen years ago I read his earliest draft on a friends coffee table and fell in love. I was cementing my dream to create picture books and Mark was standing on the edge of his creative river yearning to dive in. So I contacted him to ask if he'd be interested in working with me on it. That meeting turned into a date and we have been together ever since!

We have nurtured this story over the last fourteen years and now at last, it has blossomed into a book - it is truly the fruit of our dreams. It is now available via our website. Visit our online store to buy a copy.


Cork on the Ocean Paperback

Cork on the Ocean is now available in paperback from our online store. Of course the hard cover edition is still available if you are a hard cover book fan like me!


Birthday prettiness

Warning - This is not about books and is a completely self indulgent post - Just a quick bit of prettiness on our table for a spontaneous late afternoon get together with a handful of cherished to celebrate my birthday. Do love me a cupcake. And you can't go past bubbles in teacups - new favourite thing!


Katsumi Komagata

Mark has just got back from a busy trip visiting and sharing our work in Tokyo schools. On this occasion, it worked out best for Mark to go on his own while Linden and I stayed back and held the Dreamboat helm. So as I couldn't be there, Mark did one of the things on my list of ‘things I'd love to do in Japan’ for me. On his day off he tracked down and met with Japanese author and designer Katsumi Komagata, who is a huge inspiration to my work - cooooool!

I stumbled accross Katsumi's work a couple of years ago and fell in love with it immediately. I've even mentioned how his work was an inspiration in the design of 'Two Little Bugs' here. And even more recently, the beauty and poetic elegance of Katsumi's book ‘Little Tree’ was never far from my thoughts when I was working on our new book, ‘The Boy and the Cherry Tree’. So it was a real honour that Mark got to spend some time with him and his daughter sharing our work - and I was there in spirit!

With a bit of luck, I will get to met him in person at the next Bologna Book fair, but for now I get to treasure my edition of ‘A Cloud’ that Mark brought home for me when they swaped books - and my inner child, inspired by the master, is well content in the knowledge that he liked my work, particually ‘The Boy and the Cherry Tree’ - Happy dance!


New book on the way!

So exciting to receive printers proofs of our new book, The Boy and the Cherry Tree! This story first came to mind in 1999 and my earliest draft played a big part in bringing Rowan and I together. 14 years on and Rowan has turned it into something more beautiful than I ever imagined. Released Nov 25th!