Merry Christmas Prize Draw!

It’s been a awesome year for us and to celebrate we’re giving away a signed set of Dreamboat Books – That’s all six hardcovers! To go in the draw, simply like either Rowan’s or Mark’s Facebook page (or both!) by midday Sunday 23rd December.

Like Mark’s facebook page here ... 

Winner announced Sunday 23rd December on Facebook (and if you already like our pages, you’re already in the draw!). Wishing you a GOBBLE GOBBLE Christmas and a GUZZLE GUZZLE new year (yeah, you know what we’re talkin about.) xx.

One day in a dreamboat book - stills

We had the great pleasure in working with Si & Soph from Bayly&Moore to produce our “One day in a dreamboat book” film. They also captured some still images along the way which are so lovely I can't help but share some of their beautiful work here.

 ... you can watch the film version here.


Christmas Shipping

I say this every year, and I am extremely biased, but books make the best gifts don't you think? If you're keen to grab some of our books for Christmas, be sure to order before these dates to make sure they get to you in time.

New Zealand
- 18 December  
Australia - 9 December  
North America, UK, Europe, East Asia & South Pacific - 2 December  
Rest of the World - 29 November

Visit our online bookshop here.


Fragility ...

I like drawing pictures of stuff Mark says .... “Some things are so fragile they break simply because you're not looking at them”


The Dreamboat Song

In September I spent a fair few hours tucked up in musical maestro Ben King's studio recording a song for our Dreamboat Video. I actually wrote the song 12 years ago but it seemed to fit so well with where Rowan and I are today that it practically demanded it be our soundtrack! So I called it The Dreamboat Song (that's some creative thinking right there :-) And wouldn't you know it, thanks to the wonders of modern technology you can download for your aural pleasure anytime at iTunes.

Laying the track down in Ben's Studio.


New Book - guzzle, guzzle guzzle!

Our new book, 'I love Lemonade' is out in stores now and available on our website ... have a gander. We're looking forward to hearing what you think about it.


One day in a dreamboat book ...

I am excited to share this video with you that Mark and I have been working on recently with Bayly & Moore (who are awesome to the power of 10 - Love them, love their work!). We've made this short film for Mark to introduce us at the Frankfurt Book Fair (where he is right now!) and beyond. It's kinda ... who we are, where we are, and how we like to spend our time.


Tag Team

Mark and I tag-teamed for our first speaking gig together – to a room full of Auckland designers and creatives organised by the Design Assembly. Besides the usual 'omg, speaking to an audience – cross fingers I don't sound like a spoon jitters' we really enjoyed it. Much fun. So much we, as usual, were the last to leave. People might start thinking we don't get of the house often enough.

Here's a few pics from the night ... 

It has held at the funky Biz Dojo Co.space - a great shared space for creatives, check it out if your looking for a space to do something creative temporarily in. We shared the conversation with two other inspiring speakers: Emma Rogan (100 Days Project), Stephen Knightly (InGame). Look up Emma's 100 Days Project if your up for a creative challenge ...

Photos from Design Assembly